Gel Nail Seal Miss Jerry Brand Story


The Brand

Ms. Gelly is a nail art sticker that looks just like real gel nails, created using reliable techniques and high-quality designs. Create a stylish and beautiful fingertips for any occasion, such as office, casual, date, etc. Easy and quick to apply, maintains beauty for a long time! Quick off without the need for remover, reduces stress on nails. Nail stickers for adult girls who want to enjoy fashion without spending a lot of time.

The Brand Miss Jerry

Since 2007

Miss Jelly developed the world's first gel nail stickers in 2007 and is made using patented factory technology. Miss Jelly's gel nail stickers, made using a unique technology, have excellent adhesion, retention, and gloss, allowing you to enjoy vivid designs.

Since 2007 Miss Jerry

Silk Screen Printing

All of Miss Jerry's gel nail stickers are created using silk screen printing. Compared to offset printing, which is printed all at once by a machine and has noticeable dots, silk screen printing, which prints each color by hand, produces a smooth and vivid finish without any dots. It is also possible to add glitter and bulge, reproducing the texture of real gel nails! Miss Jerry's high-quality gel nail stickers created using silk screen printing will brightly color your fingertips.

Silk Screen Printing Miss Jerry

Miss Jerry manufacturing process

Factory Base

Miss Jelly's gel nail stickers are made at our own factory in South Korea using reliable patented technology and boast excellent quality. A variety of designs created by professional nail designers are realized using patented technology! Enjoy the diverse designs announced each season.

Factory Base Miss Jerry

Safe Beauty

The raw materials used in Miss Jerry's products have passed various tests and only those that have been verified to be safe are used. It contains no harmful ingredients, so even pregnant women and small children can use it with confidence.

Beauty that is safe for pregnant women and children!