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No more hesitation about self-nails

The latest sneaky gel nails

World's first technology

Characteristics of Miss Jellymore

Gel nail stickers that do not require curing Miss Jellymore

Beautiful lasting power Miss Jellymore

off with hot water

Best cost performance Miss Jellymore

Miss Jellymore is the perfect gift

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Miss Jellymore How to use 1
Miss Jellymore How to use 2
Miss Jellymore How to use 3
Miss Jellymore How to use 4
STEP5 Stay beautiful for a long time
To turn it off, simply turn it over in warm water.
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What is the difference between Miss Jellymore and other companies' products?

Company I Company O Other companies for a few hundred yen
material 100% cured special gel nail polish 60% hardened gel PET,
finish Urutsuya plump thin and flimsy Urutsuya plump thin and flimsy
Safety certification Obtained SGS certification Unknown Unknown Unknown
Number of sheets 20 pieces 16 pieces 30 pieces 14-20 pieces
Need for curing
duration Approximately 2 weeks Approximately 10 days to 2 weeks Approximately 2 weeks Approximately 3-4 days
off method Just turn it over in warm water Nail remover Remove with remover and wood stock Just turn it over in warm water
Need for remover
Storage method just avoid dust Cannot be stored after opening Light shielding required just avoid dust
price 1,650 yen 1,320 yen 1,826 yen 110 yen to 550 yen

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Terracotta & nude pink
Elegant beige & baby blue
Moss green & camellia
A chance to try out the world's first sneaky gel nails packed with new technology at a great price!

Q.Does it need to be cured with UV light?

A.No need. Just stick it on and remove it and you're done. Even though the gel nail sticker is already 100% cured, it has a soft texture, which is a revolutionary technology that is the first in the industry.

Q.Do I need a remover?

A.No need. It's easy to remove by just peeling it off in warm water. If any stickiness remains, wipe it off with a wet tissue.

Q.If you remove it in warm water, will it come off if you take a bath?

A. If you apply it correctly, it will not come off even if you take a bath unless you try to remove it.

Q.How long can the sticker be kept without peeling off?

A.It depends on how you apply it and the condition of your nails, but your fingernails will stay clean for about 2 weeks.

Q. Please tell me some tips to keep it clean for a long time.

1. Apply it before going to bed after doing housework or taking a bath.
2. Wash your hands with soap before handling
3. Apply base coat and let dry
4. Apply a sticker with a width narrower than the width of your natural nail.
5. Avoid moisture for 3 to 4 hours after applying

Q.What should I do with stickers that are wider than my natural nail?

A. You can adjust it by cutting it with scissors before removing it from the mount.

Q.My nails are short, so I feel it would be a waste to shave more than half of them off.

A.You can cut the sticker in half before removing it from the mount and use one piece of sticker as two nails.

Q.Can I put it on my toenails?

A. Yes, of course.

Q. Can it be used with deep nails?

A. Yes. When scraping off the excess part of the nail sticker, hold the file horizontally against the nail and move it in one direction.

Q. Do I have to purchase the file separately?

A. A nail sticker and one file are included as a set.

Q.What should I do with the leftover stickers?

A.If you put the scratch/stain prevention film that comes with the sticker on the surface of the sticker and store it, you can save it until next time.

Q.Where will the next Pop up shop be held?

A. You can check on Miss Jerry's official website, Instagram, and official LINE.

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