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MGM Co., Ltd.

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We at MGM are a brand promotion company that creates value.
Beauty and wellness field is our field. Through tireless consumer and consumer research, we carry out product planning and development, fabless manufacturing, and brand marketing.

We aim to create new value by collaborating with many experts.
It is born from the philosophy of symbiosis.
We will continue to be a company that delivers concrete products and services to society based on this idea.

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Ms.Gelly is a cute and mature brand that allows you to decorate yourself in a timely manner, lift your mood, and express yourself.

More and more seasonal new designs are coming in from all over the world. Please look forward to Ms.Gelly.

Message from the President

To live in an era called globalization, we must be aware of our own identity while accepting the diversity of values ​​such as multilingualism, multiculturalism, and multireligion. And you need the ability to accept others.

A business venture is about providing the world with solutions based on the problems you have faced and the experience of overcoming them! "I think.
Something small but passionate can happen from the passionate thoughts of one person who uses this experience as the starting point.
And only when we are blessed with friends who empathize with this will it become a small light.
Whether that light spreads depends on the individuality, social nature, and management strength of the business.
In other words, by discovering the greatest common denominator among many people living in the same era, everyone can empathize with it, and it can be recognized and spread throughout the world.
There must be sociality, distribution of profits, and expansion of employment.

I believe we have entered an era in which we need to relearn that the creatures of the natural world have created a magnificent ecosystem on this earth, and make symbiosis and mutual growth the basis of our business.

MGM Co., Ltd.
Mercury Global Marketing.
Mercury is the planet Mercury, the god of commerce.
The M shape depicts the sun and stars, the flow of water and air, those who live on land, sea, and sky, men and women, flowers, fruitfulness, rebirth, and the spirit of symbiosis.

Changes in the various environments surrounding us require us to dynamically change our traditional values.
The age of greedy capitalism has reached its limit. We must reevaluate our original values ​​of mutual aid and coexistence, and rebuild ourselves into a new system for living.
Based on this way of thinking, we would like to gradually review the new distribution system from manufacturing to create a better future.
Please let's walk together.

Representative Director Kazuhiro Tabata


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MGM Co., Ltd.
3-26-10 Tsutsui, Higashi-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture
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TEL.052-684-9311 FAX.052-684-9312
December 12, 2019
Kazuhiro Tabata
20 million yen