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nail sticker

base coat

base coat

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Sakura colored base coat. Just applying this will give your fingertips a nice ruddy glow and look beautiful. If you apply Miss Jerry's gel nail stickers before pasting them, the surface of your nails will be smoother, the stickers will adhere better, and they will stay beautiful longer. If you have vertical streaks on your nails, we recommend applying Veil Coat before applying the sticker.

*In the cold season, be sure to warm up the sticker and your fingertips before applying.

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How To

Points to make nail stickers last longer


◆The best time to apply is after getting out of the bath and just before going to bed.

◆Avoid moisture for at least 3 hours after applying.

◆Remove oil from your hands and nails by washing your hands or wiping your fingertips with nail polish remover.

◆If you have vertical streaks on your nails, apply a base coat before applying the nails.

Even if you don't have vertical stripes, applying a base coat will make the sticker more difficult to peel off.

◆In the cold season, warm the sticker and fingertips slightly before applying. If you apply it while it's cold, it will peel off easily.

*Place a sheet on the side of a mug filled with hot water to warm it up.

*It is best to apply warm air from a hair dryer to the back of the sheet.

◆Avoid using nail oil while applying the sticker. Use during nail rest period.


  • 1 sheet of nail stickers
  • file


  • Urethane
  • UV bond

How To Use

Gel nails completed in 4 easy steps!

How to apply nail stickers

About Ms.GELLY

-Attractive Point-

  • Easy to On

    Just paste it! In the meantime, salon-quality gel nails are completed.

  • Designe

    Cute nail designs designed by Japanese nail artists

  • Do-it-Yourself

    No UV lamp or remover required◎

    Self-nail nails with excellent cost performance

  • Safety

    Just peel it off in warm water

    Gel nail stickers that cause less nail damage

Be Me! Be Beautiful!


Great deal just now! 

Easy-to-stick nail stickers are a stylish item recommended for beginners who want to do their own nails and those who want to do easy nails at home. Enjoy gel nails that are gentle on your nails.

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